Mother Sky

While the irony of commercialism is inescapable, and you're free to take it any way you want, that is not my personal focus. I'm more in the Warhol tradition than Rauschenberg's. That is, I genuinely love commercialism. I love the beauty, fun, and sex of commercialism and pop culture. And when I look back at the last couple hundred years, it's hard not for me to have faith in what capitalism and progress have done and will likely do for the well-being, happiness, and dignity of humanity. Perhaps I'm being naïve, but there are plenty of people I greatly admire who are painting darker pictures, so I figure it's my calling to be naïve. So, while it's impossible to see images like the Mobil Oil sign or a blimp for some mutual funds company and not see sarcasm, I'm actually using those symbols quite straightforwardly. I do believe that, while we've got lots of things we need to improve as we bravely ride on into the future, we will soar like the pegasus that caused magic waters to spring forth wherever he tapped his hoof, and we will find ways to mutually benefit each other instead of killing each other. And if I'm wrong, well, hell, i still say we ride on into the sunset and mushroom cloud, with faith and a can-do attitude, holding on tight to each other.