She Smells Like a Coconut

Uploaded new painting, "She Smells Like a Coconut." Much as I love what I do (I wouldn't do it if I didn't), I sometimes note that a great weakness in most of my art is that, it really isn't, and never will be, important art. I especially felt so as I embarked on this piece, since it seemed basically to be trite, escapist fluff with, at the most, some sentimentality about the fleeting time and a vague benevolence toward the congregation of humanity. I worked on it, I started to think that...if I were to look back on my life and pick out ten or so moments or incidents that are of greatest importance to me, most of them would look like the scene I have painted here. Sure, I've had a share of "important" issues and lessons in life, and I value them. But when all's said and done, it's moments like this one on the beach, spent together with loved ones, that I treasure more than anything. I'm sure not everyone feels this way. Many people have a far greater commitment to socially or philosophically weighty issues--either because their circumstances compelled them, or perhaps out of innate concern. But I think it's good for each of us to be honest about what we value, and to try to do something positive with it. I've decided to call the gay couple in the background Billy and Rod. I like them so much that, I hope to have them recurr in other paintings. There are no mean people in the world I depict. It is not a world devoid of suffering--that would be a bit too remote for me to relate to. But it is a world where there is no needless, artificial suffering caused by cruelty and hatred.