Japonaise, la, 2009, gold origami and oil on canvas, 34 x 24 inches

Uploaded la Japonaise in Paintings section. My poem in top right translates to:

Don't let go when the wind blows. Hold on tight till your last breath,

like a pair of love-crazed butterflies,

dancing in the sky, seeking out flowers,

sharing in their love for one another, in the last days of summer.

On the left, it says, much in the traditional Japanese style, "Portrait of Dearest Papillia, in the month of azaleas (May), the 2009th year of the Western calender, by the brush of Taiyo la Paix (Great Ocean of Peace)."

In the bottom right, it says, "To be continued," in the typical, lower right format at the end of an anime episode.

The anime references are homages to some of my childhood favorites: Hayao Miyazaki's Mirai Shonen Conan (Future Boy Conan, as seen on Papillia's hand-held fan), Monkey Punch's Lupin III (lower left), Tatsuo Yoshida's Hakushonn Daimao (The Genie Family, seen on lower right), and Shigeru Mizuki's GeGeGe no Kitaro (Papillia's earing).