The Town Howls at Dusk

Uploaded The Town Howls at Dusk in Paintings section. This one was supposed to be just fun and devoid of any meaning--a sort of break from the heavier subjects I'd been dealing with. As I worked on it, however, I began to realized that it wasn't so vapid after all. In fact, I came to realize that, if I had to summarize all that I feel is important in life, this would be one way to do it, I think. And that may be why this one feels very special to me--it feels like this is a painting I'd been meaning to do all my life. The "2+ HOV" sign is something you see in some cities in the USA--it stands for "2 or More--High Occupancy Vihicles," and it means that, you can't drive in that lane if you are the only one in your vihicle. It's a way for crowded cities to provide a fast lane for buses and carpools during rush hour, but I'm using it as a symbol that says, life is a road you can't take alone.

The number 17 is a tribute to my dear friend Joanne Thomas who passed away in 2007--it was her special number. 

New drawing, "The Bruggemann Triptych" in the "commissioned" page.

Uploaded "The Bruggemann Triptych" and each of its panels in the "commissioned" page. These were commissioned by my dear friend from Phillips Academy, Reid Bruggemann, as illustrations for a piece he is writing about the Hindu deities. I normally stay away from religious subjects, but when a friend wants a favor, all bets are off. Besides, there were supposed to be boobs and blood everywhere--how could I say No? Back in '94, when I graduated from Middlebury College, I was then leaving the USA to go live in Japan, indefinitely. Reid drove several hours just to spend a couple of hours with me before I had to go. I remember we shared a pizza, then looked into each other's eyes, knowing it may be for the last time. That was one of the saddest moments in my life, and the memory of his expression haunted and encouraged me for what would become a miserable decade for me. Reid kept writing me during that decade, though I was almost never able to respond.

I'm back in the USA again, and Reid and I have been able to see each other. I think our interests have shifted some, but almost 20 years on, there is an undying love that keeps us in each other's heart.

New painting, "Xany and Lexy."

Uploaded new painting, "Xany and Lexy," in "commissioned" section. It's a wedding portrait for my dear cousin and friends, who are getting married in November. They wanted it to be set in the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA, where they had their first date. Waiting patiently outside is Zhenia, their beloved Siberian Husky. I pumped it full of cheesy, romantic symbolism, because that's what I do. I think it's a lot like wedding portraits from the Renaissance, complete with suggestive food, faithful dog, and memento mori. Once, when I was in trouble, Xany offered to drive over 10 hours to come get me, drive me back to his place, and let me stay with him indefinitely. They are people with uncommonly generous hearts, and this painting is full of my warm wishes for them.