The Town Howls at Dusk

Uploaded The Town Howls at Dusk in Paintings section. This one was supposed to be just fun and devoid of any meaning--a sort of break from the heavier subjects I'd been dealing with. As I worked on it, however, I began to realized that it wasn't so vapid after all. In fact, I came to realize that, if I had to summarize all that I feel is important in life, this would be one way to do it, I think. And that may be why this one feels very special to me--it feels like this is a painting I'd been meaning to do all my life. The "2+ HOV" sign is something you see in some cities in the USA--it stands for "2 or More--High Occupancy Vihicles," and it means that, you can't drive in that lane if you are the only one in your vihicle. It's a way for crowded cities to provide a fast lane for buses and carpools during rush hour, but I'm using it as a symbol that says, life is a road you can't take alone.

The number 17 is a tribute to my dear friend Joanne Thomas who passed away in 2007--it was her special number.